About Us

Based on the principle of “good food for every cat and dog”, LaVital makes quality protein formulas accessible to all cats and dogs. LaVital products, which have been produced in Italy by Effeffe Pet Food, which has been developing products for cats and dogs since 1987, have been carefully formulated by experts for the healthy nutrition of our dear friends.

LaVital product range is manufactured in our Effeffe Turkey factory in partnership with Effeffe Italy and Anadolu Pet established in Manisa-Salihli. United Pet Food, the greatest cat and dog food manufacturer in Europe, has acquired Effeffe Italy in late 2020.

During the production process of our food, we work with suppliers who conform to strict protocols to ensure quality consistency in accordance with European standards. After it is verified that the analyses data conform to the desired criteria, they are controlled through methods which fully adhere to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system. Our entire manufacturing system has ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP certificates to ensure that our dear friends enjoy the highest quality they deserve.”

Good nutrition means a long, active and healthy life for our pets. The food we choose for them should be nutritious as well as fulfilling…

We know the vital importance of nutrition and we believe that all pets deserve healthy nutrition. That’s why we make pet food with ‘high quality protein’ available for all pets.

Good nutrition means health, and health means happiness. The ‘high quality protein’ in LaVital formulas makes cats and dogs healthy, and therefore makes you happy.

With a dedicated range of products, LaVital is with your pet!