Good food for every cat & dog

We produce pet food with high quality, and make them available for all cats and dogs. We believe every pet owner, as well as every pet has the right to reach healthy pet food.

Continuous research & development

Every day we are looking for ways to obtain better quality ingredients with better conditions. Therefore, we aim to reach more pet owners who want to feed their pets in a healthy way.

Raising awareness

Feeding healthy and being healthy means happiness for both pets and pet owners. We use all forms of communication tools to explain pet owners the importance of healthy nutrition and high quality proteins.

Clarity & simplicity

We have a plain and clear approach in all areas; ingredients, package designs, and our communication with pet owners. We facilitate the lives of pet owners with clear product descriptions on our bags, non-GMO ingredients, and our easy-open and zip bags to conserve the products fresh at all times.

Sterilised Adult Salmon Formula

Complete and balanced pet food with salmon fish for sterilised adult (1+ ages) cats

Easy Digestion

Formulated with high quality and highly digestible ingredients. Contains Fructo-Oligosaccharides that promotes optimal intestinal activity.

Low Magnesium

Formulated with high quality ingredients, with low magnesium content to prevent kidney diseases.

Metabolic Control

Reduced calorie formula supports the optimal body conditions of sterilised cats.

GMO Free

Ingredients selected(*) to be free of genetically modified organisms.(*) In accordance with EU legislation.